Royal Vernon

Input & Output Modules

Choose from chassis-based I/O that is integrated with your Allen-Bradley® controller, or I/O that is distributed around your application or mounted on a machine. For distributed applications, we offer in-cabinet (IP20) and hardened on-machine (IP67/69K) options, in both modular and block designs. Several I/O families feature DeviceLogix™ Smart Component Technology, integrating low-cost logic solving capability in your I/O. For safety solutions, Rockwell’s Guard I/O™ products are TÜV-certified up to SIL 3, Cat. 4, PLe. Communication support includes DeviceNet™, ControlNet™, and EtherNet/IP™, plus other industrial networks.

Chassis Based I/O

Chassis-based I/O is specifically designed for a particular Allen-Bradley® controller, as part of its family. You can install the I/O locally in the same chassis as the controller. Additionally, through the use of I/O communication networks, you can distribute the I/O closer to the sensors and actuators, reducing your wiring costs.

Distributed I/O

Choose from a wide range of analog, digital, and specialty I/O, as well as I/O for safety systems. Various types include include In-Cabinet Block I/O, In-Cabinet (IP20) distributed I/O, and On-Machine™ Block (IP67/69K) Distributed I/O modules.In-Cabinet (IP20) distributed I/O can be placed throughout your application and requires an enclosure, and provides a complete assembly of sensor and actuator interface points, and include a network adapter.In-Cabinet Modular I/O products let you select the exact mix of I/O interfaces and communication adapters to fit your needs, providing greater flexibility in designing your system. On-Machine™ Block (IP67/69K) Distributed I/O modules can be mounted directly on a machine rather than in a remote, central cabinet, which reduces wiring costs and provides easier maintenance. These products provide a complete assembly of sensor and actuator interface points, and each module includes a network adapter.

I/O Modules

1738 ArmorPOINT® I/O modules provide a wide range of input and output modules to span many applications, from high-speed digital to process control. ArmorPOINT I/O supports producer/consumer technology, which allows input information and output status to be shared among multiple Logix controllers.Choices include digital, analog, and specialty I/O with a wide variety of AC and DC voltages.