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Medium Voltage AC Drives

Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® medium voltage drives from Rockwell Automation have built a reputation for providing efficient and reliable motor control for industry’s most demanding applications.

PowerFlex 6000 Medium Voltage AC Drives

PowerFlex® 6000 Medium Voltage AC Drives allow for flexibility in a variety of applications. They are suited for new and retrofit, variable torque, and constant torque applications. Some of these applications include fans, pumps and compressors that require variable speed motor control from 2.3...11 kV. These drives are available in multiple configurations based on motor voltage and regional requirements.

PowerFlex 7000 Drive System with ArcShield Technology

The PowerFlex 7000 drive system with ArcShield is a fully integrated Allen-Bradley® CENTERLINE® starter and PowerFlex 7000 drive combination. Designed to redirect the energy that is created from an arc flash event, out the top of the enclosure and away from personnel, Type 2B accessibility helps protect personnel while in front, at the side, or behind the enclosure in the event of an arcing fault. Additionally, Type 2B protection is maintained when the low voltage control door is open for maintenance purposes.

Product Category

PowerFlex 7000 Medium Voltage AC Drives

PowerFlex® 7000 Medium Voltage AC Drives are air-cooled or liquid-cooled drives available in a broad power range of 200…34000 Hp and supply voltages of 2400…6600V AC. These general purpose, stand-alone drives control speed, torque, direction, starting, and stopping of standard asynchronous or synchronous AC motors.