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Kinetix Indexing and Component

Kinetix® EtherNet/IP™ Indexing and Component Servo Drives let you standardize on a single communication network for easier commissioning, configuration, and startup. Integrate your entire control solution over EtherNet/IP-including HMI, controllers, I/O and motion-while maintaining reliable, high-speed connectivity. Kinetix® 3 Component Servo Drives apply the appropriate level of control to a low-power application without the complexity of traditional servo solutions.

Kinetix 3 Component Servo Drive

Rockwell Automation now offers a motion control solution for smaller applications. The Kinetix 3 line of servo drives can apply the appropriate level of control for the application without the added complexity. With its compact design, the drive is ideal for small machines requiring less than 1.5kW and up to 12.55 N-m of instantaneous torque.

Kinetix 300 EtherNet/IP Indexing Servo Drive

The benefi ts of using a single EtherNet/IP network solution for your entire machine are substantial. Simplicity, fl exibility and high performance are just some of the reasons to make the move to Ethernet/IP. And, it’s not just for select applications anymore. As Ethernet/IP communications have become widely accepted and adopted, there is a growing trend toward both machine builders and end users standardizing on this single enterprise-wide network.